Piers Morgan.transatlantic media Jew.

He really is a loathsome character…he is part of the Jewish transatlantic media mafia who flit between jobs on the Sun (for example) and CNN…..both outfits owned by “Jewish media mafia bosses”.

He is a lightweight of course,a superficial preening twat prepared to say anything in order to ingratiate himself to the top jew oligarchy.(Katy Hopkins has been attempting to do the same thing just recently….’it is bloody lucrative…because zio-cunts like Morgan are paid ridiculous amounts of money)

The trouble is 95% of people have no idea Morgan is a crypto Jew and therefore CANNOT BE TRUSTED on any matters relating to Israel.

The Zio-Cunt has just had another article published in the Jewish edited Daily Mail….This time around he is calling Assad a “baby-killer”…..Another article in the Mail attacks his British born wife….decrying her efforts when she is shown visiting sick children in Syria.Actually if she did not visit citizens in Syria they would take another propaganda angle….”Wife of baby killer Assad lives in luxury while Syrians die on the street”…..

So Morgan is another filthy Jew writing propaganda for the Jewish oligarchs….BUT refusing to come out of the shadows and admitting his ethnicity….

What about Assad himself….he is a qualified eye specialist…a doctor.What is he actually supposed to do when his country is overrun by terrorism which seeks to destroy Syria….JUST LIKE IRAQ….sit back and let it happen??.Syrians probably realise what WILL happen to Syria if the govt is overthrown….they only have to look at Iraq to see the outcome.

You won’t find Israel mentioned in all this….but anyone well versed in global Jewish Power KNOWS for certain that the ROOT CAUSE of all the turmoil in the Middle East is THE JEWS.The Jews who control Western Countries…from within and get Europeans to fight THEIR WARS.

Keep in mind the ultimate objective…The Greater Israel plan…and that means killing or driving out the native inhabitants of Lebanon and Syria…..but the Jews will have to create another world war to start that off…preceeded by a worldwide economic crash…..

If all the Jews in the British and American governments were exposed as Jews…THEN at least some people would realise what is going on.

Obviously you would package up Piers Morgan and send him by Federal Express direct to Palmolive….ASAP.

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