Queenstown NZ…The highest (per capita) number of cryptos of any town in NZ.

Queenstown is probably like Aspen in the US….a mountain resort town full of Jews….which stands to reason since Jews own the wealth of America….Queenstown gets a bucket load of rich Jews coming down from Auckland to go skiing….

An analysis of who owns expensive real estate in central downtown Queenstown would reveal that the Jews own the majority of it…..just as they do in most bigger towns and cities in NZ.

You would never guess it of course…most of these Jews are CRYPTO Jews who disguise their ethnicity….an age old practice of the Jews…..The oft quoted “7000 Jews living in NZ” is a load of nonsense….multiply that number by ten and you might be closer to the real number.

The mega rich Todd family Jewish oligarchs own loads of stuff in Queenstown….The Todd’s are CRYPTO Jews of course.

Incidently the idiot race relations twat Susan Decoy is a crypto Jew….maybe a Catholic Marrano.NOTE:There a lot of “Catholics” in NZ who are actually Marranos….ditto US,UK.

You can usually identify imposters like Devoy because they get appointed to high paying govt jobs without having the appropriate qualifications.

The job description for Race Relations Conciliator did not include “Must have the ability to hit a small rubber ball around an enclosed court”.


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