Peter ‘itchens Daily Mail 6th April 2017.

Peter Hitchens is a bit of a pretentious windbag….but he ain’t stupid.

How then can he write an article in the Daily Mail suggesting that Britain’s foreign policy in the Middle East revolves around Saudi Arabia???.Sure Britain is obliged to buy oil off them….but they have to sell it to someone…..

Since Hitchens is not stupid he MUST know that Britain’s AND American foreign policy is set NOT by Saudi Arabia but ISRAEL….It is well known that AIPAC in America is THE most powerful lobby in Washington.He probably knows Boris Johnson is a Jew as well…Britain’s foreign secretary.As one commentator noted (during the Thatcher era)…..that Britain’s cabinet was more “old Estonian than old Etonian”….meaning composed of East European Jews……

So despite ALL the evidence Hitchens claims it’s all to do with Saudi Arabia.

Adding it all up….and you have to conclude that Hitchens is knowingly misleading his readers…by design….it’s part of the Jews tribal cooperation.Hitchens purports to be a Christian…..The Spanish would have called him a Nueva Christian….or Marrano…..this sort of chicanery by Jews is nothing new….they have been behaving in this manner for centuries…not only in Western Countries…but also in Turkey where such Jews were called “Donmeh”.The current president of Turkey is very likely to be this brand of Jew…..Turkey’s FIRST president….was definitely a crypto Jew.

Jews who have been brought back into the tribe….tend to be a whole lot worse than your common jew…

Hitchens is a pompous highly over rated “journalist”….with the demeanour of the classic haughty Jew….Conclusion;Arrange a visit to the nearest soap factory…. for ‘itchens…


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