Kiwis treated to two ‘olocau$t promo movies specially for Easter..

You would think the Jews who run NZ TV would cut NZers a break by not screening Jewish suffering movies over Easter…..not a chance.

Defiance was one of the films…this one stars Daniel Craig who has appeared in a number of holocaust promo movies…he is a Jew of course.The other one was The Book Thief….this one takes a slightly different approach to promotion…But the common factor is Jews suffering at the hands nasty nazis.

One wonders why Jews are so disliked when they are simply a hapless bunch of sufferers.

Of course JEWS TOTALLY control the movie industry not only in the US,but Britain France and Germany…yes…Germany.Despite the six million Jews killed in WW2. Somehow they control Germany’s movie making business.Mind you they also control the two giant supermarket chains Lidl and Aldi…..”miraculous”.

How about another holocaust suffering movie…..perhaps named Dispossession.Some brutish liars invade a country and drive out the victims and massacre whole villages in the process.

Yep,we are talkin’ about the fate of the Palestinians……tens of thousands of them having been killed by Jews….however,unlike the ww2 heroic resistors depicted in the film Defiance ….Palestinians are depicted as terrorists in the media….funny that….funny,as in odd.

Jews also control the chains which show the movies,so in the unlikely event a decent movie was ever made of the catastrophe that befell the Palestinians….there is no chance it would ever get an audience in the west.Combine that with the Jews superb efforts in making Muslims unpopular in the west by importing millions of them into Western Countries……if you get the picture……

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