Will NZ TV screen the BBC’s Decline and Fall….series?.

This is the series based on a book by Evelyn Waugh….It’s the sort of thing the BBC excels at….Wildlife Doco’s and programs set in Britain’s past (the present is too horrifying to contemplate unless you are figuring a dystopian hell of course…a nightmare vision of the future where Britain has been invaded by live golliwogs from the four corners of the earth…..with the giggling monarch oblivious to the signs of the  approaching collapse of his country.The opening scene could be a scene in a child’s bedroom where the gollys spring to life and begin to take over a Victorian era semi.A science fiction version of the triffids….)

So it’s a tricky one to answer….it depends on whether NZ television has more important things lined up like the new series The Housewives of Ulan Bator….produced in cooperation with Mongolian State Broadcasting.

They have cast Eva Longoria the sizzling ultra cutie Latina as one of the main character’s,no doubt to attract viewers in dumbed down America…(Longoria, by all accounts packs a decent amount of brain cells….American actresses who work on British productions usually do….I actually met one of these super-cutie American actresses in a safari camp in Africa….very well informed,and not the least bit pretentious… …but you would need a sizeable bank account……you have to pay for quality!’….

Now here’s the bonus….it is very difficult to politically correct such programmes without descending into the ridiculous….so period drama’s usually get a clean bill of health on the PC front.

Even if NZ TV DOES screen this quality BBC production….they can still ruin it for Kiwis…..by RUNNING FUCKING ADVERTS EVERY FUCKING TEN FUCKING MINUTES.

(Note….it is just possible that the constant interruption of programs by advertising has an underlying objective….not strictly to do with selling some product…..[currently a conspiracy theory])

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