Israelis begin to emigrate to Spain…

Many of them show up in the Barcelona area and there is a reason for that…there are many CRYPTO Jews living here (along with Majorca off the coast)

If you took a poll in Spain about allowing the traditional enemy of Christianity to come back to Spain…The overwhelming majority of Spanish would be against it.

These Jews from Israel will link up with crypto Jewish networks in Spain and end up in their usual occupations.Banking,the media,govt and Real Estate…..Oh….and also organised crime….racketeering,drug dealing and casinos….crypto Jews will be found on the “party islands”….a relative of Kate Middleton lives on one of these islands.The Middletons are obvious Jews while the family….The Windsors….are not…..

The world has the Spanish to thank for historical records of Jews disguising themselves as Christians….Trouble is they forgot all the hard lessons they learned circa 1500….which explains how the dictator with the Sephardic surname….FRANCO was able to seize power….He surrounded himself with Moroccan bodyguards primarily to ensure against the possibility of a counter revolution.These bodyguards may have infact been Moroccan crypto Jews.

The Daily Mail has just done a Windsor promo showing the Windsor rabble celebrating Easter (blasphemy)…..The sycophancy displayed by the Jewish journalists at the Mail is truly nauseating.Obviously the Windsors need to be replaced by genuine native inhabitants of Britain,not a rabble from the continent.

Just in case the natives in Britain may be wising up to the Windsors….The Jewish edited Mail has just run a sympathy piece for the drongo Prince Harry…..”eez bin in therapy coz of iz muvver dyin'”…..Hold on a minute,it’s a bit late in the day to be running a story on this….innit.No doubt this was run to deflect attention away from the drongos multi thousand pound trips to see his half Jewish American goilfriend….a marriage would be the perfect vehicle to promote multiculturalism and “prove” the Windsors are not racist….a crime regarded as worse than murder in PC Britain.

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