Jewish owned and operated guardian boasts about Tamworth in Australia…which has been fully multiculturalised by powerful Australian Jews….

According to the zio-Guardian there are about 80 different nationalities in the town.Of course they use an Australian European to sell “the product”….giving the deliberately FALSE impression that this is the popular opinion in Australia.

This situation graphically demonstrates how the Jewish owned and operated media misleads the public….ultimately you wind up with the situation in Sweden….a country now on the point of ruin…..AND IT IS ONLY GOING TO GET WORSE.

To understand HOW the Jews deceive the public FIRST you have to know about CRYPTO JEWS……Hiding their ethnicity enables them to front TV programmes with Jews…..and then proceed to push stuff about “white racism”….The public has NO IDEA that the people delivering the message are NOT ethnically European….but Jews….so it is a deception….

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