Waves of illegal immigrants pour into southern Europe….again

The arrival of summer has seen a new surge of illegal immigrants in Europe…BUT the media is deliberately keeping it all low key….under playing it.

In case you have not worked it out already “the media” is part of the problem….The media is largely in the hands of the Jews.

More observant people may notice something strange about the photographs of the immigrants…..

They arrive on giant very expensive rafts and they are all wearing lifejackets.

The media lies and says these are provided by “traffickers”…..infact they are provided by the likes of the Jewish financial criminal SOROS.

Europe is being invaded and the invasion is being facilitated by unseen,unreported shadowy groups.

When is it going to stop….that is the question.The answer maybe when ordinary citizens start attacking the politicians who simply won’t do anything about it…..Under Theresa May the hooked nosed gargoyle….cases of the removal of illegal immigrants HAVE GONE DOWN….

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