Daily Mail runs another transport racism video.

The Jewish edited Daily Mail…likes these videos….depicting racism….from “whites” of course.

The Jews at the Daily Mail have branched out on this one….it’s from Ireland….

Ireland is no different from other European countries except the Jews flooding Ireland with the third world are a little behind Britain…but now the resentment is beginning.The perfect time for the Jewish run media to highlight “white racism”.

Of course the Jewish politicians in Ireland’s govt will be mostly marranos/crypto Jews…so the average Irish citizen will have not connected the dots….YET.

There appears to be a lot of crypto Jews in Ireland…who seem to have appeared from nowhere…Like mushrooms….but they were always there….the more multiculturalised they make Ireland the more likely Jews will begin to throw their weight around.

Crypto Jews in Ireland include Bono and his Jew mate Mr Edge.The Jews on “a hundred ways to kill your mammy”,Geldof the charity thief…,most likely Mary Robinson…going on her surname alone (not always reliable)

Check Irish television and press and you’ll find plenty more.



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