Madame Secretary…a great Jewish comedy.

This Jewish propaganda series is hilarious….IF the viewer is aware of the length and breadth of Jewish control over the American media.

In this week’s propaganda we have Jewish suffering in spades….harmless suffering Rabbi Lowenthal only wanted peace in Israel…..but those fucking Muslim terrorists blew ‘im up….while he was on a peace march in Haifa….those fucking terrorists ruined a chance for peace!!!.

The jewess who plays Madame Secretary wanted the Iranian ambassador to recognise long suffering Israel’s right to exist.(pathetic nonsense)

The Jew who plays the token Muslim and who looks like a golliwog….was being his usual idiot self.

Jaffa oranges were mentioned….that was a plug for Israeli produce produced with virtual slave labour…(not mentioned)

Turns out Hizbollah was responsible for a cross border excursion which blew up Rabbi Lowenthal into a thousand smouldering bits….at least it put his eternal suffering to an end…..apparently his pop was turned into a lampshade….at Auschwitz.

The Iranian President is called “President Shiraz”…..the Jewish script writer obviously named him after the grape variety.(which originated in Persia)….how fucking original.

As mentioned….a blatant example of Jewish manipulative propaganda….

Meantime the MOFO’s are hacking my phone…Their current trick of the week is to put up videos on you tube….as some sort of psychological gambit…no doubt drawn from extensive records they keep on all those people who have seen through their bullshit.PATHETIC!.

Keep in mind Pauline Hanson was MOST LIKELY set up in order to get her into court…..”fitted up” in other words.

Meantime Jews continue to cast themselves as victims…..but it is all wearing a little thin.

One more point….look up “Jewish Soap” on You Tube….you should be able to find a Jewish crone lying her head off about soap made from her relatives.She tells a breathtaking LIE….but doesn’t bat an eyelid….lying seems to be an inherited trait with Jews…..they are that good at it.

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