Ah….the benefits of multiculturalism for Kiwis.

A Hong Kong chink has just been arrested on a 40 million dollars drug bust…..it’s the usual….the importation of raw material for the production of methamphetamine.

Remember….Kiwis are suffering the full brunt of the Chinese criminality via addiction AND just as importantly the CORRUPTION which goes hand in hand with drug crime.

Okay….now tune into any TV channel and listen to the MEDIA WANKERS…singing ” the wonderful benefits of multiculturalism…..tune”

WHO??…is really at fault here….the cunts in parliament who caused the situation to arise in the first place!…

The fucking cunts who now LIE to NZers by saying “there will be a clampdown on immigration”.

Incidently the Minister of Immigration appears to be a homosexual…or bisexual…..part of the fudge packing cabal that has set up shop in parliament.Homosexuals can always be relied apon to betray their country’s interests…..Like the squad of butt burglars at Cambridge Uni (Blunt and co)

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