Bishop “spouting a string of rubbish”

According to the zio-media the Nth Koreans have threatened Australia with a nukeyala attack.

OK the Nth Koreans are a bunch of fuckwits….their giant military caps are a crime against common sense.BUT,surprising as it may seem the Korean who said Bishop was spouting a string of nonsense was MOST LIKELY correct.

Keep in mind Gaddafis comment about Europe being flooded with immigrants if he was removed from power….subsequently proven to be 100% correct.

This bullshit about Australia being under the threat of nuclear attack was MOST LIKELY dreamt up in the back offices of the CIA in order to get Australians to back its Jewish multimillionaire Prime Minister Turnbull….

There they were on the podium…brothers in arms swearing undying allegiance to each other….the two treacherous cunts…Turnbull and Pence…..BOTH DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE FOR FLOODING THEIR RESPECTI E COUNTRIES WITH MILLIONS OF THIRD WORLD IMMIGRANTS.

BUT….here is the most important bit….BOTH OF THEM ARE JEWS…or more accurately….crypto Jews.

As the famous car manufacturer Henry Ford said…..if you removed Jews from Western Countries…in particular Jewish bankers…..these wars would come to a halt….and the pathetic sabre rattling like that exhibited by Pence and Turnbull…..(the grossly overweight…meaning fat bastard… NZ foreign minister (Brownlee)…the former woodwork teacher….threw his pennysworth in too,not that anyone was listening.Yes this giant bloater is a Jew too…who has made several secret trips to Israel)

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