Highly unlikely Le Pen will win presidential election.

A lot of people have compared Le Pen to the fucking idiot Trump….especially the way Trump beat the odds to become president…

The difference is Le Pen is not a Jew…unlike kosher Trump….so it is highly unlikely Le Pen will be allowed to win the presidency…

Also Le Pens opponent looks like he is a crypto Jew…..Normally Global Jews Inc like to run both candidates….like at the last British and French elections….Miliband and Cameron BOTH Jews and Sarkozy and Hollande BOTH Jews.

One thing is for sure….If Le Pen does by a miracle win….the leftists in France will attempt to set France alight.If Le Pen doesn’t win then France is going to go into rapid decline….with hordes of invaders crossing France’s borders.Question:what sane rational person would invite the destruction of their own country??….one who is committed to an ideology,that’s who….




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