NZ Federated Farmers wants the third world Labour scam to continue.

They have been moaning just lately about proposed cuts to the flood of cheap Labour into NZ.

When the inevitable economic downturn arrives and they have to lay off staff….will the farmers help pay to keep the unemployed immigrants alive…NO!….that will be left up to ordinary NZers to pay out.

Farmers are beginning to take the Piss in NZ….if there is a drought or flood they get pay outs from the government.They want cheap Labour? worries the scum in parliament will oblige….BUT THEY SURE AS HELL WONT BE PAYING THE SOCIAL COSTS….of mass alien immigration.

So farmers/landowners are on a winning ticket….this sort of thing harks back to feudal times….the land owners ….and the peasants scrambling for the crumbs….an exaggeration but that is the shift going on.

Here is a common deception used by the zio-media….They are covering a story about immigration into NZ…MOST NZers are very concerned about third world immigration NOT immigration from other first world countries….When covering contentious immigration…the media rounds up immigrants from first world countries to interview…never mind the tens of thousands of semi literate immigrants pouring into the country….

The sooner Kiwis realise that the smiling giggling imbeciles who front NZ TV are the enemy….the better.The NZ media,as in other Western Countries are NOT impartial….they are pushing a PC agenda…..sort of a hotchpotch of fascist/commie bullshit…

Just look how they lie every time they discuss “traffic congestion” or “housing crisis” WITHOUT ONCE MENTIONING THE CAUSE OF IT…MASS THIRD WORLD IMMIGRATION…..Ninety percent of these cunts are Jews or percentage Jews….lying their heads off and smiling when they do it…..singing the praises of a glorious multicultural future….With Big Brother announcements that “NZ is the third happiest country in the world”

Well,no doubt Gumboots English is pretty happy…he got way with an expense account fraud…no worries and given his farming connections he is probably benefiting from cheap  third world Labour and inclement weather bonuses….

There should be laws governing the amount of farm land owned by individuals who are not physically involved in the running of the farms…otherwise all the farms will eventually end up in the hands of absentee land owners living in the cities…like the mega corrupt thief Mike the KIKE FAY……Keep in mind …Fay used his Masonic connections to extract a “grant” from the govt (+ or – $70,000) to finance his daughters pop star career…which is on par with the recent revelation that a top French politician used govt money to provide his relatives with big salaried jobs that did not exist…..corruption…plain and simple…worse……the cunt is STILL in the running.

NOTE:.Federated Farmers need not worry about a cut off of their cheap third world Labour…Although Gumboots English has stated stuff about new laws regarding immigration….IT IS ALL BULLSHIT….He is lying his head off….

If you are wondering why a CIA private jet should be landing in NZ…Keep wondering….the media won’t be telling you a thing…

You could speculate that something is brewing in this region….perhaps to do with those jerks in Nth Korea.

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