Shia la Boeuf…..surely a candidate for the soap factory…

This Jewish twat is now a Hollywood star and he is stark raving BONKERS.

If he wasn’t a Jew he wouldn’t be working in Hollywood.It is only because of the racist employment policies of the Jews who own Hollywood that this utter prick survives.

He has recently starred in the movie “Fury”….a ww2 movie alongside Bwad Pitt….he is also a Jew,but prefers to keep this secret…which makes him a crypto Jew…

The jew-twat© la Boeuf reckons he converted to Christianity while filming Fury…..WITH THE HELP OF BWAD PITT..who professes to be a Christian….It’s all a pack of LIES of course….TOTAL BLATANT JEWISH LIES.No real Christian would survive with their principles intact in Hollywood…it is a den of iniquity which exudes evil from every pore.

The film Fury did infact capture the hyper greasy nature of Jews bottled up in a Sherman tank (known as the Ronson the well known cigarette lighter because they lit up all the time and burnt the crew to a cinder)

Well General Patton woke up to what was going on….and he was murdered for his trouble….

Robert Maxwell the JEW who robbed his employees of their pension funds…was employed as an intelligence official immediately post war in Germany….he set up his own little fiefdom and was waited on by German women facing the choice of starvation or to sell themselves to this heinous Jew from HELL (his daughter is carrying on his tradition of evil by being involved in recruiting young “women”/girls for hughly rich pedophile jews….)



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