Will the French vote for ex banker Macron

No sensible person would EVER vote for an ex banker.(crypto Jew)

If Macron wins the presidency you have to question the sanity of half of the people living in France….OR the election has been rigged….and there is a distinct possibility of that happening.

Turns out Macron is a fudge packing Frog and his marriage to the blonde pensioner is a cover for that fact…They got married circa 2007. …which probably means he was being groomed for the top job….about this time.Take a close note of his association with the Rosthschilds….this is ALWAYS a bad sign.

If the French vote him in….all it will mean is MORE of the same….Trump is proving that point right at this minute.You cannot elect a Jewish president and expect anything different.

NZ is in danger of getting the “American Experience”….where all political candidates are pre selected by powerful Jewish businessmen…

The promotion of the woodwork teacher Gerri Brownlee to foreign minister…..is a worrying development…particularly if you take note of his secret visits to Israel….Plus there will be the additional costs for the taxpayer….widening doorways in parliament so the massive BLOATER can fit through them.

You begin to wonder if there is some sort of regulation with the selection of MPs…..”Must be at least overweight…or preferably someone who eats too much…way too much”

Keep in mind that there is now a homosexual cabal firmly established within the NZ parliament….VERY CREEPY INDEED…..

IT GOES WITHOUT SAYING THAT JEWS PREDOMINATE HERE…..most of these Jews….are crypto Jews….that is they keep their ethnicity well under wraps (always be on the alert for Catholics in top political positions….they are usually Marranos….like John Kerry and the poisonous dwarf Madeline Albright.)

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