Shortland Street …NZs premier soap celebrates 25 years of crimes against humanity.

They have been pushing the fact that Shortland Street has reached the milestone of 25 years…..which of course means there are some young Kiwis who have never known a time when this politically correct stupidity did not screen on NZ TV…..

Soap operas around the globe are used to educate (indoctrinate) thicko’s on how to behave politically correctively.

The soaps in Brazil do a roaring trade….primarily because of the ignorance of a great part of their society (how else would you explain Benny Hinn the crypto Jew Israeli being able to sell his old testament Christian preaching in Brazil…..nothing a magazine’s worth from a Kalashnikov wouldn’t fix)’

OK…..torture has been banned by international treaties….but SURELY you could make a case for at least,some mild torture for the APPALLING script writers of Shortland Street.How about Chinese water torture….the said script writers are strapped down and a constant drip of water lands on ’em…this would be almost as bad as watching a full episode of Shortland Street…..torture…

Then you could round up the continuity announcers who trumpet the achievements of Shortland Street…like being responsible for the death of millions of Kiwis brain cells….and let’s be sure about one thing….the people who watch Shortland Street cannot afford the loss of even one brain cell…!.


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