“Southern Charms” being paid to humiliate themselves.American Brain Dead TV.

Southern Charms is just another “reality tv” programme produced by the Jews in the US.

The programme is supposed to cover the activities of the wealthy class in the Southern States of the US…..

The players are supposedly paid around $10,000 per episode….which might be worth humiliating themselves for.The players are of course ignorant idiotic Americans….but they seem to have a remarkable lack of self awareness…they don’t seem to be aware that they are being made fools of…..by the Jews who produce this crap.

If you would like to make a documentary on the decline of America you could use Southern Charms as an example.One of the leading characters has a drug conviction record and is attempting to start a political career….now THIS does make sense…since American political life is utterly corrupt…..It is well known that the Clintons amassed over $100,000,000 dollars from their involvement in American politics BUT there are a WHOLE lot of other corrupt Americans who enter politics with the specific intention of lining their pockets….

Meantime….the American middle class continues to decline…..they’re the old fashioned moral Americans whom the filth depicted in this programme rely on to keep things ticking over….so they can feed off their honesty…..after all you can’t have everyone fleecing the system…society would collapse if they took up the behaviour of the monied corrupt class.

American society IS collapsing in slow motion though….a combination of drugs,breakdown of the family and white collar theft…..Will there be a “correction”….?…..Only when things get really bad….when that happens the millionaire wanker involved in drug dealing and corruption will likely find himself in hot water…..or at the end of a rope.Depends if middle class Americans ever figure out they have been had….when it becomes acceptable to air the fact on nationwide tv that you have a conviction for drug dealing AND running for political office….you know for certain there is something very wrong with America today.

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