Jewish poisoner bags new jewess.

Heston Blumenthal is only successful in the media because he is a Jew….although some say he is actually an extraterrestrial on account of his weird appearance.

The celebrity chef gained notoriety after giving 500 ,of his guests food poisoning…..he wasn’t prosecuted…infact he got £200,000 pounds compensation from his insurers.The are a WHOLE lot of diners who were poisoned who are still fighting for compensation.The Jew Blumenthal would have paid off the most important customers….

Like so many of these high profile media Jews he is a flim flam artist…his high profile is all based on bullshit….Jewish bullshit.It was not by accident he set up shop in Melbourne since it is full of rich and influential Jews (like practically every western country Jews predominate in the elite)

Blumenthal has traded in his old wife for a new jewess from France.The Mail reckons she is a real estate agent who has a penchant for sex with extraterrestrials…..rather than rich and famous Zio-cooks/poisoners/charlatans.


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