Trump backtracks on building wall…..Whadidya expect?!.

The question to ask here is….did Trump start out with the intention of not keeping his promises to the American voters?.

The answer is most likely YES.For example he whipped up the audiences with the slogan “lock ‘er up”…in regard to the grossly corrupt jewess Hillary Clinton….he certainly had no intention of following through on that….so the stated intention of building a wall was yet another Jewish trick.Make no mistake the fucking moron Trump is definitely a Jew….or crypto Jew since this fact remains well hidden.

Here lies the reason Americans retain the right to bear arms…..because,at a certain point governments become so corrupt that the only way to remove them is by force of arms… being a complete waste of time.

You can see this in France today…The whole of the privileged elite is against Le Pen ….The country is being invaded and nothing is done to stop it….

At the next round of French elections the opposition will use their money power to back Macron….who is the elites representative given his background in finance.The very worst sort of person to be representing the vast majority of people in France.Plus the fact he is a crypto Jew like Trump.

Trump could overcome the entrenched interests in the US by calling Americans to show up in Washington to express their support.He could….that is if he wasn’t part of the cabal of Jews who control the USA.

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