Winston Peters reckons NZs biggest newspaper is deliberately misleading NZers on immigration.

The Auckland Herald is one of those joke newspapers….it never performs its role in society….investigating wrongdoing by members of the elite….which is hardly surprising since it is owned by elite JEWS…..

They have been deliberately misleading NZ by understating the numbers of Asian immigrants pouring into NZ…..THIS IS IN SUPPORT OF GLOBAL JEWRYS OBJECTIVES…otherwise known as The New World Order.

What about the expenses THIEF Bill gumboot English….he is part of the program….and he is just the sort of low life politician the oligarchs appreciate…he’s got his secrets and therefore can be controlled.

Incidently I have had Catholic wankers show up recently…….as a result of mentioning English and his light fingers.Let’s face it….English is a joke and totally subordinate to the dictates of International Jewish Power.

Winstone Peters needs to get real….IT IS ABSOLUTELY POINTLESS MAKING A COMPLAINT TO THE NEWSPAPER….the media does what it wants and it is ALWAYS in favour of mass alien immigration.The Editor will be a Freemason since he is a TOTAL CUNT….just like all the editor’s of the newspapers in London….and just like all the Jewish wankers who front NZ TV “news”.

The way the NZ TV news presents immigration is ALWAYS manipulative.

Example:….”NZ needs to put more money into building infrastructure”…

,,,,as a result of schools,hospitals,roads being under immense pressure from QUOTE….”NZ’s growing population”…you’ll notice it is not “as a result of Immigration”….THIS DEMONSTRATES WHY….in Western Countries the media is universally hated…..they either lie by omission of key facts or obfuscation….clouding the issue….

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