Immigration NZ runs promo clips on You Tube.

Strangely comments on these short videos have been disabled….since NZ is a democracy you would think comments by NZers would be welcomed…unless of course the govt does not want comment from NZers….that is NZers who don’t agree with govt policies….

Which would not be surprising since NZers have no say whatsoever on the immigration policy…none,zero,nada.

At this point it is as well to mention Tony Blair’s immigration policy in Britain….Only because of a secret report released into the public realm…did people discover Blair’s secret plan to fundamentally change the makeup of British society via mass alien immigration…..That is opening the borders of Britain to all and sundry.Needless to say the British public was never consulted….as befits a fake democracy.Just as the British public was duped in order to allow the zio-oligarchy to wage war on Israel’s enemy Iraq….better for British troops to die rather than Jews in Israel.Contact the former American congresswoman Cynthia McKinney to find out the detail on that one….Note:”FORMER”……former is what happens to any political representative who does not adher to Jewish dictats..A British MP who criticised Israeli/jewish racism (some mild relatively innocuous comments) has just been stood down and will not be standing at the next election.

You can’t help commenting that we are witnessing the early stages of Jewish tyranny in the West…like that featured in the former USSR… the enormous hypocrisy of the Jews becomes all too evident….that is complaining about persecution and suffering while inflicting the very same on Palestinians.

NOTE:The immigration promos do not feature Chinese immigrants who have made MILLIONS from importing drug constituents which have had a very negative effect on NZ CITIZENS….

I am expecting “trouble” from the NZ govt….sooner or later… is the price you pay.This “trouble” always comes in the form that is not directly related to your exercising you rights to free speech…..that way the illusion of free speech can be maintained.

You’ll notice that the Australian (Assange)holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy in London is not being targeted (currently) for releasing information….BUT RATHER ….trumped up rape charges in Sweden!!….THATS HOW THEY DO IT!’

There is a secret program by the NZ govt to hugely increase NZs population via mass immigration….This is NOT democracy as it is commonly understood….SINCE NZers do not have any say AT ALL on this matter…NONE.

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