US commander in the Pacific (un)Admirable Harry Harris

Like almost all of the top brass in America’s military HARRIS is a Jew…or more accurately a crypto Jew (like Mad Dog Mattis)

Combine this fact with the Jews control over virtually all branches of the US govt…then setting up a false flag like 9/11 is or was a breeze.

It also explains how setting up wars…is no trouble at all.NOTE…Trump is of course a Jew..but in his case even the average person could work that one out…because high end real estate in NY is the sole preserve of the Jews….no if’s buts or maybe’s….NY is,after all known as “Hymie Town”….

The Jewish fiends maybe planning another false flag….How about a nuke set off in a remote part of Australia and blamed on Nth Koreans….Keep in mind Australia is also in the thrall of the Jews…so they may have installed the equivalent of Harris in the Australian navy….

(Put it like this….if a Western nation is being flooded with third world immigrants….it is a very good indicator the Jews are calling the shots in that country.)



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