The Jew Trump shows up at gun lobby.

So what is he ACTUALLY doing?.It’s a PR exercise…designed to con Americans into believing that Jew Trump is living up to his campaign promises…..AND given the widespread ignorance and stupidity of Americans the dumbed down idiots might actually believe the Jewish cunt…

He is still involving Americans in wars overseas….he has not built any wall and the Jewish CRIMINAL Hillary Clinton is still at liberty.He HAS reduced taxes for the super rich who have spent the last 30 years screwing the American economy into the ground and stealing BILLIONS of dollars…..the Jew Madoff being the tip of the iceberg.

The Jewish owned media has been complicit in the deceiving of Americans.They have fake interviews with supposed ordinary Americans…who say “well I didn’t vote for Trump last time…but I would now,he seems to be doing a good job”….total bullshit of course.

The reality is Trumps support has dropped off…as Americans suspect they have been conned again…just like during the disastrous years of Obama…an era which the media promotes as “good”…..Obama achieved NOTHING in eight years…except to get America embroiled in more wars.

Watch as the fuckwit Trump does pretty much the same sort of thing.Immigrants from the third world will continue to pour into NZ…Drug related crime will continue to climb,American wages will stagnate and the Jewish Ruling Class will get richer and richer….Israel will continue to steal billions and billions of dollars from American taxpayers….all the usual stuff infact.

It is no different across the Atlantic…in Britain…a crypto Jew masquerading as a “Vicars daughter”….MAY….has NOT put a halt to the third world invasion…infact she has helped it by ordering British Navy vessels to pick up invaders and bring them to Britain…..Drugs continue to be a blight on all urban areas of Britain.The infrastructure groaning under the weight of hundreds of thousands of invaders every year….



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