60 minutes interviews Marine Le Pen

60 Minutes is of course a terrible joke…masquerading as a current affairs program.

What  MOST viewers would have no idea about is the seemingly impartial interviewers ETHNICITY…

HE WAS A JEW…..of the very same ethnic group that controls French banks.

The very same ethnic group that provided BOTH POLITICAL candidates from BOTH parties in Britain,The US AND France….Sarkozy and Hollande

The audience will not be aware that the interview may SEEM impartial but will always lead the viewer to believe that Le Pen is an extremist of one sort or another.That the entire 60 Minutes programme is a Jewish production from start to finish…

Like the USA,Canada,Australia,UK,NZ,France,Germany and other Western Countries…The media Is TOTALLY CONTROLLED BY JEWS.

Once you understand that the media is controlled by Jews….you understand so much more about international politics…

For one thing you can predict outcomes ahead of time…IF you know the utter prick Trump is ACTUALLY a Jew….you can predict that he is going to betray the Americans who voted for controls over third world immigration.

You can predict that an interview by ANY news organisation of Le Pen is going to be biased against her.British media interviews are more subtle…they have to be…People in Britain are not nearly as stupid as Americans….with Americans…it’s open season for the Jews who control their media….

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