Are the Muslim mayors of London and Rotterdam crypto Jews?.

This one is a long shot….however there is a Russian Jew oligarch in Russia by the name of KHAN.

The Rotterdam mayor Aboutaleb is of Berber Moroccan origin.There IS A Jewish connection with Berbers in Morocco….

So both of them could be CRYPTO Jews…never underestimate the deceit of the Jews….

Whatever….neither of them would have got the job without the approval of the Elders of Zion….that is…The Jews who control the City of London….that is the financial district….

Anyway it is a well established FACT that it is the Jewish 1% who are deliberately,with malice ¬†aforethought multiculturalising Western Countries..Some people may have noticed the Lucretia <<<<<May>>>> has done precisely NOTHING to halt the invasion of Britain by the third world.It is this invasion which drove people in Britain to vote for brexit in the vain hope this would somehow stop the invasion…..MAY has TOTALLY IGNORED this.


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