Q&A with Kiwi media Jews.

Q&A is a sort of a current affairs program screened at the time of day that few kiwis would ever be watching it….  Today’s episode was not at all unusual in that ALL the three guests were Jews….plus of course the host.

Given the fact that the majority of people living in NZ are Europeans…The ethnic makeup of the guests suggest there is a hidden “agenda” favouring Jews….racism in other words.

Most Kiwis would be completely unaware that all the people on this program are from an ethnic minority…that is IF they are actually humans!!.’..they may be lizards or extraterrestrial beings….you never know.

One thing this gaggle of know alls (What is the collective noun for Jews…perhaps “cabal”) will all agree on….flooding NZ with MORE AND MORE THIRD WORLD MIGRANTS….for New Zealand….NOT Israel of course.

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