Zio Trump makes noises about being hampered by government….

You’ll get more of this stuff in the coming years….then the elite will suggest that a temporary all powerful president is required to get things in order…..which will ultimately result in a permanent president….for the good of America….of course….is all this inevitable??…

Well it will happen as long as Americans keep voting for dud presidents controlled by the Jewish elite……who appoint other Jews to all the top jobs…..

Trouble is any real candidate for the presidency will be prevented from taking office….

You can see this in France today Marine Le Pen is going to have the whole money power against her…convincing the public she is bad news….when infact a Le Pen type candidate is precisely what France needs…ESPECIALLY to bring the invasion of France/Europe under control.

It is better that a Le Pen type politician takes over for a set period of time rather than having a politician IMPOSED on the country.Thus the French will be able to vote Le Pen out in five years time if she does not cut the French mustard.

Just compare the fucking moron leaders Americans get with the European leaders…….In recent years all the US presidents have been a joke….Now America is witnessing the rise of trash politicians to influential positions….The super-wimp Lindsay Graham for example or the zio-wimp McCain….

It won’t be long before leading politicians start showing up at the “colosseum” to increase their popularity with the proletariat….

Around 90,000 poms showed up at the recent heavyweight farce at Wembley stadium in London.Neither of the contenders was British….One a Jew and the other of African origin.This follows the pattern in Ancient Rome where gladiators were brought in from the Empires conquered territory to entertain Romans……The circuses part of Bread and Circuses.

Obviously the Aristocratic/patrician class in Britain may well recognise what is going on….that is if they are not taking drugs or buggering gays…..or having intimate conversations with plants.




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