The sort of headline news you hope for…”Jewess Ellen Degenerate Arrested”..”

“….on the grounds of extreme zio-stupidity”

No matter how you try….it is impossible to become accustomed to the gross stupidity exhibited by the American lesbian Degenerate…..but Americans seem to lap it up….why?.

It is called “conditioning”.After years of conditioning by the media Americans no longer have the ability to recognise gross stupidity….like that exhibited by the zio-dyke….Americans still believe in the American Dream DESPITE the fact they are working longer hours for less pay and their country is being over run by third world invaders.Americans don’t seem to have the ability to recognise they are being conned.Just look at the American idiots who show up at the Jew Trumps rallies….DESPITE the fact he has achieved NOTHING…he is breaking all the key promises he made during his election campaign…JUST LIKE OBAMA DID.

American television features a never ending succession of Jews like Degenerate…..all spouting bullshit…European Americans are being discriminated against on every level…and the Jews only get away with it because they masquerade as “whites”.

So almost all Americans will believe that Degenerate is a European….WRONG.The audience will think the same….because they are dumbed down imbeciles.Beneath all the fake fun….The loathsome lesbian jewess has nothing but contempt for the audience….but you would never guess it……obviously an emergency phone call to Palmolive is in order….Degenerate should be fitted up with a straight jacket and unceremoniously removed from television……

Incidently…great efforts are being made by the Alternative Media (mostly run by Jews) to convince Americans that Trump is not a Jew….despite all the evidence that he is as kosher as the Vailing Vall.If you want to see how the Jews go about planting disinformation see some of Lasher Darkmoons efforts…( has just written a nonsense article about Trump with the sole objective of reaffirming Trumps credentials as a non Jew…who “just happens” to be completely surrounded by Jews….from his family,to his appointees,to his business associates….THEY ARE ALL JEWS.

There is a Jewish cabal in control of the White House have absolutely no doubt about that…..yet this Lasher Darkloon has the affrontery to suggest Trump is a kike free zone….utter nonsense of course.



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