Cardinal Marx…of Germany

The Catholic church has been heavily infiltrated by Crypto Jews….there is absolutely no doubt about that.

Cardinal Marx of the Munich region in Germany is an obvious example of this…on account of his name MARX.Guess what….The cunt is a great proponent of mass alien immigration into Germany…..and this fact provides the confirmation that Marx is infact a MARRANO…..this behaviour has been well documented in Spain….

It gets worse….The Argentinian pope is also a crypto Jew.

There are sizeable numbers of “Catholic Jews” in NZ….for example the owner of The Warehouse chain and also NZs greatest thief…..FAY of Fay Richwhite….Currently ordinary Catholics seem to be unaware of all this…

It also explains why NZ currently has a Marrano Prime Minister….NZs version of the “Catholic” politician…John Jerry.He is about as Catholic as Madeline Albright…The disgusting poisonous dwarf from the Czech Republic.

Karl Marx was the Jew who cooked up the communist manifesto.

The department store chain “Marks and Spencers”…. has the anglicised version of Marks/Marx.

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