Jewish elite in NZ wants another 200,000 third world immigrants.

This bullshit was sold by the Jewish controlled media.”Andrea Vance” reported for TV1….Vance is Jewish of course ,ALL the political reporters are jews.Goldsmith… MP in parliament confirmed” NZ needs 200,000 more immigrants”…”TO SURVIVE””  fear tactics of course.Goldsmith is a Jew not surprisingly….however you’ll never read that fact anywhere….

Put it this way….The NZ Jewish elite WILL NOT TAKE ANY NOTICE OF PUBLIC OPINION…..they will continue to flood the country with low quality third world immigrants….like the Chinese gangsters making money out of the addiction of NZers to hard drugs.

In Christchurch there are major problems with prostitutes selling themselves on the street.The council says they can’t do anything because of technicalities….THEY ARE FUCKING LYING.They could BAN prostitution and make it illegal.WHICH IS PRECISELY WHAT THE VAST MAJORITY OF NZERS WANTED….BUT,AS IS INCREASINGLY THE CASE THE NZ PUBLIC WAS TOTALLY IGNORED BY THE CUNTS IN PARLIAMENT….(The mayor of Christchurch is a Jew with a very questionable history)

Solution…start beating up representatives who don’t represent…if there is a better method of getting their attention….let’s hear it.

It won’t be long NZ starts experiencing a situation now found in the “greatest democracy in the world”…..,The elected representatives who don’t represent are surrounded by security because Americans have stopped believing their lies.

In Britain the war criminal Tony Blair gets round the clock security costing the taxpayers millions of dollars…paid for by the taxpayers he was obliged to represent,but didn’t….instead he lied his fucking head off for his Jewish paymasters in Israel.

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