Currymunchers abuse elephants in Jaipur India.

Around 30 years back I was in Jaipur,India….one thing that remains permanently etched in the mind was the abuse of the elephants used to visit the Amber Fort high above Jaipur.

In broiling heat of over 35° the elephants are forced to carry about 6 tourists on their back up a steep incline….to the fort, it was a pitiful sight.At the top they were gasping for breath…

Things may have improved since then ONLY thanks to complaints by tourists….Infact tourists are recommended NOT to go on elephant rides….so as not to encourage the abuse.

In Zambia another indescribable scene was an elephant standing stock still..over a period of two days…a closer inspection revealed that he had been shot multiple times…probably with an AK 47…..eventually he was brought down by lions.

Elephants are being brought to the brink of extinction by primitive Chinese superstitions….which the Chinese govt refuses to take action against.Rhinos are worse off….they have been virtually wiped out in some countries thanks,once again to the primitive superstitious beliefs of Chinese.

Guess what…The Jewish controlled govt of NZ is importing these primitive people into the country and NZ taxpayers are forced to pay for their education in an attempt to persuade them to behave in a civilised manner….fat fucking chance.



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