Fleabags at TVNZ should screen Fleabag in NZ….but they got their priorities.

Fleabag is a quality British comedy series set in London.Ideal for Kiwis starved of quality tv series.

There’s always “Jono and Ben” the appalling kiwi Jew comedy duo…but to laugh at this one you’d have to administer laughing gas to the pubic….

The wankers prefer to screen politically correct pooves like Graham Norton and ‘is talk show crap….OR the brain cell destroying Bravo tv RUBBISH..

NZ TV is sinking under the combined weight of hundreds of garbage American TV shows…..Never before in the history of NZ TV has there been such a domination of the airwaves by American trash tv….Companies pay to have their products advertised on TV because it influences viewers….American trash tv is likely to turn NZers into gibbering idiots…it is just a matter of time….Americans are famous for being gibbering idiots….Just take a look at the audiences on Ellen Degenerates tv show…..a horrifying spectacle….coming to NZ sooner than you would like to think.

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