Church bells were ringing out across NZ……Shortland Street has been hit by an earthquake (no release yet of Richter scale rating)

Unfortunately it was a cliffhanger…Shortland Street fans will have to wait to see if the cast are squashed under tons of masonry….we can always hope!!.

High tech special effects included a camera crew wobbling the cameras around.

The resident cowardly schemer was shown cowering under a flimsy table while his girlfriend was left to stand under a doorway…..what low lying bastard would leave his missus to face an earthquake…ALONE?!.Actually “girlfriend” would not be an appropriate description…”boilerfriend” would be better since the cowardly schemers partner has seen better days,like half a century ago….her complexion has a lot in common with the corrugations you find on back country roads.

Speaking of special effects at Shortland Street….A recent sketch featured a bunch of supposedly pregnant streeters dressed up in bizarre costumes….SURELY….The production team could have done better than stuffing Bambillos® up the casts jumpers to depict pregnancy?!..One of the imbeciles was shown waving her half-breed® squawker around…advertising New World Order© objectives.

Kiwis will be on the edge of their seats awaiting the outcome of the quake…maybe this would be an opportune moment to dump some of the cast…..who are not up to scratch.(that’s ALL of them)

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