Explaining the inexplicable….celebrity success.

Hugh Whittingstall Somethingorother is quite obviously a nasty little minimally talented cunt.His cooking skills are no better than many house wives…..that’s obvious…..An upmarket restaurant must’ive recognised he was a shyster they fired him.

So….The prat comes from a posh background….you can tell that from his preposterously lengthy name.He was raised in Hampstead Norf London a wealthy suburb in that famous multi cultural Hellhole…..Not surprisingly Hampstead is packed to the rafters with Jews….most of them in disguised mode.Which indicates Whittingstall is probably a crypto Jew…..AND HE IS.So now we are getting places….he has got contacts in the media….fellow tribe members….important contacts.Other non Jewish chefs in the trade have described the little cunt as “jammy” ,that is lucky….to account for his success in the media….no jammy luck involved…tribal networking is the answer.

Whittingstall has had the almost compulsory “Jewish lightning” attack…one of his barns in Dorset went up in flames.Jewish lightning is another term for Jewish insurance scams.He probably got one of his crypto Jewish tribe members to pull it off.

Needless to say he rips off his employees…he’s got ‘im on zero hours contracts.

Now the Jewish celebrity is branching out….he’s having a punt at presenting wildlife/conservation documentaries in Africa???!!’

What are his qualifications for this job…The answer is,he is of the “right” ethnicity….Jewish.He ain’t even qualified to be hosting a cookery programme!

So Hugh Whittingstall is just another crypto Jew in show biz….not particularly talented,but very well connected.A cookery version of of the spectacularly untalented gingernut Ed Sheeran.

There was one tv series which Whittingstall starred in….in Australia…but the Aussies had the measure of him very quickly.They put up a scarecrow on a lifestyle block with Whittingstalls face on it.They filmed his reaction….it looked like the spiv was sucking on a cooking lemon.

Celebrities presenting wildlife “documentaries” are going to further tarnish the BBC’s reputation…..just wait till they draft in the cunts to front history documentaries…..(It is bad enough featuring the Jewish politically correct dropkick Simon Reeves)


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