Greek CRYPTO causes stir.

It was probably a well planned publicity exercise….but the “world’s press” obligingly showed up outside Buckingheim Palace.

Turned out Pwince Phillip was retiring from his heavy work schedule…cutting ribbons at various functions across Britain proved too taxing.

I met poms working on a Polo pony health resort (stud farm)..they reliably stated that this Windsor “fucked anything that moved” in his prime…”The press all know it goes on but never report it”.

It is all to do with the active collusion of the zio-media with the elite….Currently they are promoting Phillip as an old gaffer who has served his country well…..

Some more knowledgeable people will observe that the most degenerate pom in modern history ….Saville (a crypto Jew who visited Israel and who formerly masqueraded as a Catholic….a Marrano in other words)….AND his close association with the Windsors no longer ever gets a mention……!

Changing the public’s opinion of the Windsors would be easy IF free speech REALLY existed in Britain….but the British media acts as cheerleaders for this dysfunctional family….after all the crypto Jew editor of the Mail is probably angling for a knighthood right at this minute.

David Icke could have a point…Phillip DOES increasingly look reptilian…but Poms should not get their hopes up…some species of them can live up to two hundred years old.

Britain is a land of huge contrasts…There is a massive wealth divide amongst the inhabitants but there is ALSO a massive intelligence divide too….which ensures you don’t have too many rebellions against the elite.

For confirmation of the latter,merely tune into Jeremy Kyle’s show….not only do the “guests” have a HUGE IQ deficit …check the audience…The audience tells you a war is an absolute priority….naturally you would put the morons on the frontline….The audience are NQH. (Not Quite Human)….

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