Crypto Jewish editor of Daily Mail cues up YET ANOTHER Nazi story.

The Mail usually has around one Nazi story a week…..WHY?

It’s basically a refresher course for the British public…a mild form of Hate Week…..It is all to do with the fact that Britain is ruled by a crypto Jewish elite.Keep in mind that Britain is overall dumber than Germany (take a look at the specimens that front up on Jeremy Kyle’s show)….so a jolly good bout of anti Nazi stuff….does wonders.

Put it like this….your average German pleb is smarter than your average chip buttie munching pom.(Incidently…due to the nature of the type of migrants that first came to New Zealand from Britain….New Zealanders actually had a quite high average intelligence…of course this has all been fucked up now by mass third world immigration….which has been fostered by NZs very own crypto Jewish elite….The Chances of another Sir Ernest Rutherford arising in NZ are extremely remote….

Right….so what has the Mail served up this week for the delectation of its readers?!’…It’s those fucking Channel Islands AGAIN…..”The only part of Britain occupied by Nazis”

Of course The Daily Mail cunt Dacre (the editor)…won’t be mentioning other invaders who have occupied WHOLE CITIES in Britain…..from the third world….of course….it would be “racist” to do so.

However the Channel Islands story does not ring true…more than likely it is a complete fabrication….The article,was after all,based on a book written by a couple of Jews.

Forty thousand prisoners of war (slave labour) were killed the Mail reckons…thrown  into the sea when they died from exhaustion and overwork.Has the seabed beneath the cliffs ever been checked for skeletons etc??.Of course not.

According to the article the Nazis were planning to drop Sarin bombs on London….Sarin being a deadly poison nerve gas held by the Nazis.QUESTION..if the Nazis possessed Sarin gas…why did they use the fumigation gas Zyklon B in Auschwitz.That’s easy… Zyklon B was used to fumigate clothing to kill disease carrying lice…typhus.This fact was adapted to atrocity propaganda….which only seriously got underway in the late sixties….They hit a few road bumps along the way when people began to question things.The Jews had to concede ground in some areas….they fessed up and admitted there was no “Jew soap” for example….BUT they got laws introduced in many countries to make it illegal to question their propaganda…people have been sent to jail in these fake democracies for exercising their right to free speech.The situation is so bad you have to laugh at the cunts in power and their blinding hypocrisy.

So the Daily Mail cunts are having a laugh….You wonder when the cunts are going to call it a day on Nazi crap….probably round about the day Israel consolidates its greater Israel plans….

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