“Captain Phillips”…

Captain Phillips was a Hollywood movie produced by the Jews who own Hollywood…..It concerned the hijacking of an American container vessel off the coast of Somalia….

Now why would the Hollywood Jews want to produce a film like this?.The majority of film goers won’t be asking this question….BUT THEY SHOULD BE.

Contrary to what most people believe movies are not made simply to make money….they very often have an objective in mind.Movies can be used to indoctrinate the public….in other words…propaganda.

Of course there is absolutely no chance in hell a movie will EVER be made about the Jews attack on the USS Liberty…reason….The Jews own the media and that includes Hollywood….AND The White House.Currently there is another crypto Jew occupying the presidency .TRUMP and his son in law have direct links to Israel.

Essentially this movies objective is to ramp up hatred of Muslims….for the benefit of ISRAEL….That way the Jews can get the American population sympathetic toward their use of American armed forces to fight THEIR WARS in the Middle East.The film on its own would be ineffective of course…but keep in mind the Jewish controlled CIA is actively funding radical Islamists in the countries surrounding Israel.

Keep in mind the Jewish elite is currently carrying out full spectrum dominance of Western democracies.So just last week Australians were treated to the spectacle of their Jewish Prime minister meeting America’s Jewish President.

The Jews also control the intelligence agencies……

The Jews are currently engaged in the destruction of France…..MAKE NO MISTAKE MACRON IS A CRYPTO JEW.

As for Somalians, Africa’s troublemakers….The Jewess Helen Clark is responsible for bringing them into NZ…..

THE Jewish elite CONTINUES to flood NZ with third world immigrants….THEY ARE POURING IN…..and it won’t stop until NZers are prepared to take action against the Jewish elite.They DICTATE…how things are going to be and they ignore public sentiment.

Every means necessary is employed by the Jewish elite to dupe the public as to what is ACTUALLY GOING ON….and the media,which is TOTALLY controlled by the Jews is how they do it.On that basis,the media figures are fair game.

The lead actor of this movie is none other than Tom Hanks…..a Jew.There is an unspoken race based employment policy in Hollywood favouring Jews….a classic example of Jewish racism.The Daily Mail won’t be reporting this of course…unlike their obsession with “white racism”…

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