Jewish owned and operated Daily Mail promotes elites strategy.

A lot of idiots promote the Daily Mail as “right wing”… nonsense of course….The Daily Mail is part of the media cabal….owned and operated by Jews…..only it takes a different angle on things.Essentially it takes the same stance as the Guardian.

For example Dacre the crypto Jew editor of the Mail calls people who object to having their country over run by third world invaders….”far right” or “racist”.’…..The Guardian calls the same protesters far right fascists.Same characterisation only the Guardian will tack on “fascists”.Neither will characterise the invader supporters as “far left”.

The Zio-Mail has just run an article about an American father in Arkansas who objects to his daughter dating a black…..BUT will not run an example of any other race which objects to their daughter associating with blacks….

Both the Mail and Guardian are in one hundred percent agreement….The 9/11 attack was an event as described by government reports….anyone who has bothered to look into it,knows for certain that the 9/11 attack WAS a conspiracy….operated out of Israel.

Both The Guardian and Mail are quite happy to identify the ethnicity of the London mayor BUT will never identify the Governor of the Bank of England’s ethnicity….Jewish.Nor will either of them mention the ethnicity of Britain’s finance minister which is ALWAYS Jewish.Neither of them mentioned the ethnicity of GREEN the asset stripping Jewish billionaire (BHS) or note the common ethnicity of another financial thief of similar ilk….Robert Maxwell.

Neither of these two Jewish run media outlets will ever mention crypto Jews…that is Jews in high places who deliberately conceal their ethnicity…Like Macron

in France or Trump in America.

They basically follow the same rule…NEVER mention the Jews and their enormous power and influence.Jews should only be identified IF they are suffering.

So….although it SEEMS that The Mail and Guardian are in opposition to each other….they are actually following the same propaganda…So any fair minded person would have BOTH the Jewish editors processed into a block of soap at the earliest available opportunity.

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