Jews in NZ media set boundaries of discussion.

Q and A is a NZ current affairs programme….but of course it never discusses crucial matters…like the THEFT of hundreds of millions of dollars by the crypto Jewish bankers FAY RICHWHITE…..not a chance.

Telling the truth about mass third world immigration into NZ is another verboten area…UNLESS of course to promote it.

A recent interview by the TV political journalist Corrin Dann…. of Winston Peters….was entirely biased against the control of immigration….The cunts are supposed to be neutral…DANN IS A JEW…that fact goes without saying.

Dann even threw “xenophobic” into the mix.This is one of the media Jews favourite words….IT IS NEVER MENTIONED IN CONNECTION WITH ISRAEL.

OK….a post Peters panel discusses the issues raised by Peters…GUESS WHAT…there is not a European (white) panelist in sight…One crypto Jew,a Dr Raymond Miller from Scotland and two Maoris…..this is where it gets tricky because the Maori panelists could be half Jewish….Sometimes you can work it out from their surnames….like the new Labour Party big shot Willie Jackson…now he WILL have Jewish ancestry because “Jackson” is usually a crypto Jewish surname.(like the Jewish Hollywood producer Peter Jackson)

So the discussion panel is stacked right from the start…..BUT the important point to note here is the ethnicity of the media scum who ask the questions…BOTH JEWISH…..This does not happen by chance….DIsguised Jewish racism favours the employment of Jews… the media….But according to the Jews who CONTROL the media…The ONLY racists are “whites”…infact the greatest racists in the world…THE JEWS….have turned “white racism” into a sort of industry….it is a Jewish racially driven strategy….AND IT WORKS.

More NZers will vote for Peter’s this election as the realisation that NZ is being deliberately swamped with third world immigrants…sets in….AND THAT POLITICIANS TOTALLY IGNORE THEIR CONCERNS AND THAT THE MEDIA LIES AND LIES AND LIES.

Right now in France….this “realisation” has now hit home and the French realise WHO RULES OVER THEIR COUNTRY…..The French better make sure that if they have a revolt they target the treacherous one percent AND clean out their intelligence services….otherwise they’ll have the French killing each other…while they sit on the sidelines and watch.


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