Phew!…he didn’t hang around.

NZs Jewish foreign minister Gerry Brownlee has just announced that NZ will be endeavoring to rebuild relations with Israel….he has only had the job for a few weeks….and we get this!’

Keep in mind that LARD ARSE Brownlee has made several under publicised visits to the racist xenophobic state of ISRAEL.

The Jews always endeavour to have one of their tribe members occupying this position.For example LAVROV in Russia and the buffoon Boris Johnson in Britain (disinformation has been circulated on the net that Johnson has some vague connection to Jewry…this is what is known as “the limited hangout”.)

NZers should keep in mind that the Jews in Israel have besmirched NZs reputation abroad by using fake passports in MOSSAD operations….very likely in cooperation with Jews living in New Zealand….that way the actual passports are real,although the Jews using them are not.

Beside all that….it is not in New Zealand’s best interests to be associating with a country famous for its racist immigration policies…..make that in-famous.

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