Today’s Zio-Mails Nazi propaganda treat.

Yesterday the Mail was giving its readers a rerun of “Channel Island ww2 Occupation by Nazis” story… makes a regular appearance….they usually mention dastardly “secret tunnels” built by fiendish Nazis who stupidly wanted to avoid being bombed.

Don’t think you are going to get away that easy….A Mail-Jew® has cooked up a new name for a WW2 Nazi machine gun…..wait for it……”Hitlers Buzzsaw”…Now whether or not Hitler actually owned this buzzsaw is open to debate….but the zio-mail has never let the facts get in the way of a “good” story.

The Mail could simplify everything by putting Hitler in front of everything…easy.Hitlers tank,Hitlers jet,Hitlers panzerfaust,Hitlers condoms,Hitlers bunker,Hitlers Bavarian beer……etc etc.

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