Jews and their methods of targeting opponents.

The Jews have a whole armoury of methods of combating their opponents…no doubt the “armoury” has been built up over hundreds of years…

You can see them in action in comments sections (where comments are not censured like in the Guardian and Daily Mail).

Derailing the comments by introducing completely unrelated matters for example.

They like to blackmail and control politicians via “dirty secrets”…prostitution or homosexual liaisons are two favourites….

Another popular Jewish trick is to question the sanity of their enemies.”Fortunately” so many of the psychological conditions that are described….can if necessary be applied to just about anyone.They would have a field day with Nuns or Monks for example….after all they are not “normal” since they retreat from society…you could go on like this….

Frankly who gives a damn about these psychobabble kooks…often they are madder than their “customers”.

The danger arises when governments start employing this bullshit to lock up their opponents.This happened to Russians during the USSR era….and it was predominantly Jews who were deciding if these political prisoners were crazy.

The United States also did this to their citizens….which shouldn’t surprise anyone….after all they performed medical experiments on American citizens!!….A very good example of this method of controlling political opponents was Ezra Pound…who was at one time regarded as Americas best poet.Things started to go whoopsie when Pound expounded his views on the Jews………after that they put him in a lunatic asylum for the rest of his days…

So the “loony” diagnosis is usually employed when other strategies don’t work….that is,the Jews target is not criminally inclined….etc etc.

As mentioned the enemy seems to like to put up You Tube videos and perhaps draw conclusions…if viewed.Recently they have put up videos on highly intelligent individuals and geniuses…..etc etc.

Let’s just put the record straight…I do not regard myself as highly intelligent let alone a fucking genius….just in case they spring that bullshit.If I WAS highly intelligent I would be packing a PhD of some sort…..

The “great” thing about psychobabble is you cannot fight it….because virtually anything you say can be interpreted as X Y or Z symptoms of A B or C condition.

This is the perfect tool of the Brave New World Govt.Keep in mind that people living in Western democracies are now confronting the same sort of bullshit that was deployed against citizens in the USSR….and it is all driven by the Jewish oligarchy…..fortunately…at least Americans have the right to bear arms….there is nothing like some lead to slow down politicians who have got above their station….





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