American troops massing on Syrian border….hold on a minute…..

This ain’t supposed to be happening…after all Trump was elected precisely because Americans are sick and tired of the country’s involvement in the Middle East….

Trump is a crypto Jew….his close relatives are more open about the fact they are Jews…..after all they don’t need to dupe Americans….they are not standing for the presidency.

Right from the start Trump had every intention of betraying the people who voted for him…..after all he IS A JEW.

There are some die hard supporters of Trump who refuse to admit they have been played again…..just like Obama voters were played…..

The websites of the “alternative media” which persist with their belief that Trump is the genuine article raise questions about their genuineness.I have yet to read anywhere that Trump is a crypto Jew……YET IT IS BLINDINGLY OBVIOUS…..

So it looks like Syria is booked in for more ZOG AMERICA war crimes….that’s more children maimed and injured….if the American forces are openly stated to be engaged in warfare…..EXPECT there to be a shortage of stories about “young children being rescued from collapsed buildings”……Hell! you can’t expect hard working journalists from the BBC and CNN to be at the scene all of the time……….give them a fucking break will ya!’

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