Max ‘astings Daily Mail sycophant to the rich….

Max Hastings is an “historian” who is a bit of a regular at the Daily Mail…he likes to go on about the Germans/Nazis…a lot….and their nearly invasion of The Green and Pleasant Land…..but mentions nothing about the current invasion which is taking place right at this minute (by third world invaders)….naturally….he lives in the wealth bubble of the upper middle class.He has the posh accent and the public school background which gives him entre into the rarified atmosphere of the ruling class…. but he don’t have the cash to be a player.The “Green and Pleasant Land” he grew up in…is no longer…it has been ruined by ideologues promoting the Wests version of communism….multiculturalism….and the author’s of all this are oligarchial Jews who currently hold western democracies in their thrall.

As you may have already worked out Mad Max is a crypto Jew….He has just written more nonsense about the super rich in Britain…..he consoles Daily Mail readers by telling them that “many of them are not happy”…..Green the Jewish billionaire currently hiding out in Monaco is cited as an example of the unhappy billionaire…being unhappy on his unhappy yacht.Of course Hastings has probably been at the same functions as Green….being damn miserable while quaffing £100 bottles of French champagne….while crying his heart out at his misfortune.

Look….it is best to regard Zio cunts like Hastings as part of a tropical reef ecosystem…..You have the big predator fish like one of those bad ass Groupers with the giant negroid lips….these fucken cunts cruise around the reef gobbling up smaller ‘armless fish who wouldn’t harm a sole.The Groupers represent the super rich….but these big arsed cunts need to have their needs met…..every so often the cunts dock at a cleaning station where Cleaner Fish hangout…here the Groupers get treated like Royalty…they are preened

and plucked over by the Cleaner Fish…who remove parasites from the Groupers skin.They are jolly useful to the Groupers so they don’t eat them.

Max Hastings is a cleaner fish to the rich and famous….if he hasn’t already been given a knighthood for his “services” he bloody well should get one ASAP.

Hastings telling readers that the Windsors are “only worth 350 million pounds” is valuable propaganda to this dysfunctional family…..don’t want the plebs rioting after all…about the gross disparity in wealth in the fake democracy and police state of Britain…Actually the Windsors are worth much much more than a paltry 350 Million…they have wealth and power that no one else in Britain has.They do pull tricks on the great unwashed in Britain….like driving decade old cars past a conveniently placed Daily Mail photographer.

Obviously Britain needs some sort of a revolution….but they ain’t gonna get one because the all seeing British Secret Police MI5 ….are on high alert…..infact MORE money is spent spying on British nationalists than Muslim troublemakers…( who have been brought into the country by the crypto Jews running Britain…who include the Windsor nasties)

Make Britain Great Again… ‘astings into your nearest Palmolive factory… the earliest available opportunity.


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