The great benefits of third world immigration into NZ.

Today three fucking Indians were in court for corrupting our vehicle licencing system.

Three fucking Chinese were in court for importing millions of dollars worth of methamphetamine.

Not coincidently they all looked the part….filthy lowlife scum from the bottom of the evolutionary tree.

They will all get off with ludicrously light sentences and WONT BE DEPORTED AFTER SERVING THEIR SENTENCES.

So WHY is this trash allowed entry to NZ?…..The simple answer is NZ is now controlled by a small ethnic minority with enormous power to influence world events…AND to determine Western immigration policy….THE JEWS.

ALL THE POLITICAL REPORTERS ON NZ TV ARE JEWS…..have absolutely no doubt about that….

Trash like the abovementioned criminals still continue to arrive by their thousands and they are undermining our way of life….

The newsreader reading the news….just for example…Simon Dellow is a Jew…but he would prefer to be thought of as European.His wife will be of the same ethnicity.

Currently they are broadcasting an array of LIES about the invaders crossing the Mediterranean….all of it sympathetic…..never mind the impact on people in Europe.European Tv now tends to use ethnic reporters to cover this event… assured the executive level of the tv companies is entirely Jewish.

NZ ers should vote for NZ First in a last ditch effort to get parliament to listen to a subject which concerns the majority of the country….Peters should get a chance to prove he is not bought and paid for.

But if events overseas are anything to go by….nothing will be done about immigration.

People in Europe are figuring this out…and they going to start getting nasty…..obviously they should copy Jewish tactics….accomplish their goals beneath the radar….so non representatives who are supposed to represent….start having “difficulties”.

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