Corbyn could EASILY win the next election

All he would have to do is to do is promise to stop the invasion of Britain by third world migrants….it is as simple as that.

His other policies like prosecution of bankers,the nationalizing of assets like the railways (once owned by the public) have wide appeal….

So WHY doesn’t he take this step….that’s easy….he is a candidate who is designed to lose….like the crypto Jew McCain when he was up against Obama….

THE most important thing to know about Corbyn is…..he is a crypto Jew.

So the British public does not have a choice…they must vote for May…even though she has a chequered career.

The American public was faced with a similar conundrum….vote for Clinton who has already proven to be a corrupt whore or risk voting for Trump in the vain hope he might do something to address the average Americans concerns.

Both candidates being JEWS….

Note: May has done NOTHING to stop the invasion of Britain by the third world….and with the predicted big majority win…..she will do even less if that is possible…..

Obviously this situation cannot continue if Britain is to remain a country with a national identity.As a Polish politician remarked about France…The French have signalled their surrender to the globalists….they don’t have the will to fight for their identity anymore.Needless to say the crypto Jew Macron has already proposed sanctions against Poland for not submitting to the globalist plan to multiculturalise their country and destroy Poland’s national identity….France is in the thrall of the globalists…meaning international Jewry.

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