Ellen Degenerate celebrates….

….Celebrates her extraordinary bravery in coming out…..

But dopey Americans miss the point…no one cares….

Americans COULD  be having discussions about the GROSS INEQUALITY OF THEIR SOCIETY…we are not talking “socialism” here,we’ re talking about the theft of assets by a tiny minority…The one percent…The gross corruption,the punitive taxation placed on the Middle class,while Trump and his fellow Jew billionaires evade taxation…no worries mate.

Instead Americans get caught up in mindless nonsense about lesbianism.Infact lesbians were never picked on…ok some idiots may have complained about their inordinate consumption of batteries …and the resulting environmental problems…..

So what is ACTUALLY going on here…..it’s the Bread&Circuses routine…Ellen’s lesbian highjinks are a superb distraction….it’s more interesting to talk about for the average moron than the decline of living standards in America and the shift of manufacturing assets offshore to China.

Degenerate even had Obama’s missus giving a mini promo on her show along with the black billionairess Opera Wintry…..

They then had the peons coming on stage carrying giant cheques….happy happy happy…not too far away from the studio where this trash is produced in LA are legions of homeless people and drug addicts…..and abuse and exploitation of Americans at the bottom of the heap….

Degenerate is infact selling a product….and it has very little to do with social justice.

Okay Degenerate has ‘fessed up on the gayism….BUT WHAT ARE THESE PEOPLE NOT ‘fessing up to????!.

The Jewish Connection!!..’… ….of course!!.To speak about that invites your own destruction and the boot is on the other foot.Degenerate talks about intolerance of gays…..but there are NUMEROUS examples of the destruction of people’s careers for exercising their right to free speech…like Helen Thomas the White House journalist!!!!!.

Ellen Degenerate is a crypto Jew…have absolutely no doubt about it.Michelle Obama and her idiotic neurotic hubby are black Jews (like Whoopi Goldberg and probably Opera).

As one French philosopher was supposed to have said (Voltaire) “those you cannot criticise are the people who have the power”…..You certainly CANNOT criticise Jews without trouble,particularly a high profile figure like Thomas.

While Degenerate DID have the famous Opera on her show….The Jew network would never have Cynthia McKinney on her show….she WAS a black congresswoman until she made the career destroying choice to support the Palestinians.There are “consequences” for doing so…but they are always hidden from public view.

And on a brighter note….there is a movement gathering pace in America to transport Ellen….. free…..,yes free of charge to America’s biggest Palmolive factory where she can recycled into something useful….SOAP.






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