Full scale Windsor Royal visit to Israel May go ahead.

If the Windsors show up in Israel…then the relatives of the British servicemen killed by the Jews leading up to 1948….SHOULD BE ASKING QUESTIONS.

Like where does the loyalty of the Windsors lie…..They Jews successfully got away with the mass murder of US servicemen when they attacked the USS Liberty…..The proposed visit by the Royals shows EXACTLY where their loyalties stand……

Not at all surprising since The Windsors are crypto Jews….have absolutely no doubt about that…Prince Charles has already been in Israel…..sucking up to the Jews.Now it becomes obvious….you’ll notice the Windsor rabble have been entirely supportive of the multiculturalism agenda….often attending functions in favour of it..

Currently the British Jewish controlled media is running Windsor promotion left right and centre…..kindly understating their enormous wealth.

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