Kissinger…one of the most evil Jews in the world..AND there are a lot to choose from.

He has been photographed…just recently,talking with JEW-TRUMP©..This sub human jew-monster© (kissinger)has been responsible for the murder of millions of innocent people…and the ghoul is still at it.

Well these cosy chats with Trump should get many people who supported Trump….having their doubts.

The point to note here is people voted for Trump ONLY because there was no other option…..The fucken Jew won by default.The Jews in Israel had both sides covered…as usual….Hillary Clinton IS ALSO A JEW….which explains why her daughter,like Trumps daughter,married a Jew.

Rest assured…at the NEXT presidential election BOTH candidates will be Jews.This time around they will probably attempt to mix things up again.Most likely they will run another Jewess more electable than Clinton…and perhaps a black/homosexual.

One thing is for sure…strenuous efforts will be made to exclude the possibility of a European standing for the job…UNLESS…compromised with blackmailable material.

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